Dawson Area Development

Education Administrators
Deb Jensen

Phone: 308-217-0005
Email: deb@dawsonareadevelopment.com
Website: http://www.dawsonareadevelopment.com


Dawson Area Development

Dawson Area Development is an economic development, community development, and workforce development organization serving the Dawson County area in south central Nebraska. We are supported by the county, cities, and villages that we serve.

1501 Plum Creek Parkway, Suite 2B
Lexington, NE 68850
< br> PLEASE NOTE: You will be required to contact Dawson Area Development for follow up before printing your certificate of completion.

Courses Offered

Foreclosure Education$0.00
Comprehensive Foreclosure Course
  • Learn Foreclosure Options and answer question
  • Parepare to work with a foreclosure counselor