eHome Foreclosure Customer Testimonials

eHome Foreclosure Customer - Kurt in California

Greetings Ms. Canon,

I am writing to express my enthusiastic appreciation for your eHome Foreclosure NeighborWorks® Online Homebuyer Education Program entitled, "Realizing The American Dream." This program is an official online source for homebuyer education, fully accepted by the California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA).

I needed to pass a homebuyer education course in order to satisfy the requirements for a program offered by CalHFA; "Homebuyer education is required for each borrower using this program. CalHFA will accept a homebuyer’s education counseling certificate of completion issued through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac identified counseling administration agencies, mortgage insurance companies, or HUD-approved homebuyer counselors. CalHFA accepts education completion via online, face-to-face, or phone."

But all the upcoming face-to-face, traditional class-room format courses in my area were being held either farther away from my home than was practical, or were being held on dayson which I was needed at work. And I discovered that the online version was not being presented by any organization here in California to which I had access.

I found that the chartered member office in Cleveland, Ohio ( ) was offering a nationwide portal through which I could sign-up and take the course from my home, at my convenience, and at my own pace. Looking into my options, I confirmed that the course, also presented on your website: , was accredited by CalHFA: "NeighborWorks America and NHS of Great Cleveland are approved by both HUD and Freddie Mac."

But what about the course itself? I can only tell you that it conveys an encyclopedia of knowledge, absolutely crucial for the potential homebuyer; whether this is their first or their fifth home purchase. The videos, written materials, highlighted terms, glossary, work sheets, and yes, even the quizzes all combine and build upon each other as the course progresses through its eight hour length. By the time I was done, I felt like a realtor!

I found myself going back and reviewing terminology and concepts when needed - seamlessly. I could start, end and pick-up where I left off without any confusion or endless scrolling. The organization of the course into modules and chapters made using it as easy and intuitive as reading a cook book.

And, when I was done, I just called you for my completion code, typed it in - and out printed my certificate of completion. No glitches, no problems.

I hope that anyone contemplating buying a home enrolls online, for this information rich, easy to access, and easy to understand course.